No other industry has changed as much as the travel and hospitality industry in the last decade. Low-cost airlines, Airbnb, Uber, personal mobility devices, food delivery apps, social media, travel aggregators and review sites have transformed this industry like no other.

global trends in the travel and hospitality industry

Human engagement

Very high client expectations on empathy, genuine care and custom experiences

Demographic changes

Increased international travellers, millennials, eco-tourists and senior citizen travel

Total Customer Experience

Exceptional focus on human experience and a customer-centric end to end solutions design

Social media

Brand building, selling, community engagement and intelligent chatbot solutions

Extensive automation

All admin tasks such as reservation, check in/out, customer service queries and similar

Proximity-based delivery/ IoT

Connected devices allowing a higher level of customization - smart rooms, smart tables, themes, menu selections, etc

Premium clientele

Comprehensive segmentation, differentiation and intense competition to attract loyalty

Artificial Intelligence

Expanded travel planning solutions integrating customer profiles with reviews and social media trends

Proliferation of Robots

For interactive customer engagement and manual labor - waiters, room service, baggage handlers, concierge, etc

Are you fully prepared for the changes ahead?

The next five years will radically transform the travel and hospitality industry; with multiple human-centric innovations converging, there will be an exponential increase in user experience and value. It is critical that business owners prepare themselves to best leverage from the exciting opportunities ahead or risk being left behind.

Our consultants have extensive experience in the travel and hospitality industry both as premium users and as service providers.

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Our expertise

  • reviewing your business fundamentals for areas of weakness or oversight
  • map out the top industry trends that can be leveraged in your market
  • risk assessment on potential¬†disruptors and recommendations
  • action planning, glide-path and technology consulting
  • ongoing business coaching and advisory services

What is a preparedness assessment?

  • 1o1 online review of your business model against key business fundamentals and industry trends
  • interactive discussion on your assessment of the trends impacting your business and expert advice
  • additional action/priority recommendations for scaling your business
  • assessment session is completely free, we will explore areas of future engagement after the session

5 steps you can take for an absolute advantage

  • robust business fundamentals – ensure business basics are well managed
  • active social media listening and embracing technology to enhance the client experience
  • exceptional focus on end to end client experience and providing custom-built experiences
  • actively follow geopolitical, technology and industry trends – enlist an expert consultant to stay ahead of the game
  • embrace unique value proposition – ensure significant value advantage and clear differentiation from the competitors

Other Services

Shared services

Helping scale a truly world-class operations ecosystem by leveraging best practices from industry leaders.

international partnering

Facilitating international partnership with proven incubation toolkit and technology solutions.

business advisory - smb

Partnering business owners to scale rapidly by holistic management practices and focus on growth.

leadership coaching

Coaching business leaders to expand critical competencies and elevate talent potential within their teams.

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