Be better at coaching and mentoring

Thanks to the 100 coaches initiative by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, I was able to crystallize some thoughts on coaching/mentoring based on my past experience and what I learned from the sessions.  I am sharing this as part of my Pay It Forward contribution, feel free to use this, adapt this and share this. This can be applied in business, social and home situations. Do not coach or mentor a person who is not willing to change! It is all around wasted effort and can only result in frustration. This is not to be confused with motivating a person to reach beyond their imaginary limits. 68% of all dialogues are either about proving the superiority of the speaker or inferiority of a second or third person. Significant productivity and time savings are available if these two topics can be avoided. We all have inflated confidence in what we know. Approaching topics with true openness can help in yielding remarkable results beyond limits of current knowledge. Behavioral changes are one of the toughest changes an adult can willingly go through; their environment and stakeholders are a critical enabler for such changes to succeed. A successful person is a lot more receptive for coaching and mentoring than a struggling person. 100% of the successful athletes and sportspersons have great coaches helping them. Feedforward is more impactful than feedback, given that it focuses on how to succeed in the future! Feedforward should be positive, simple and focused. Key leadership traits to develop - ask for more…

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