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Product Recommendations and Discounts

Here we recommend products tested by us and recommended for your business. 

We have also found options to get good discounts on these products by our own experience shopping for the best deals. 

Use the contact form below if you would like to know the discount options for these products.


Consulting Accelerator

One of the top business and consulting online course in the market. Contact us for a $500 discount.


Google Suite

Best of Google for seamless business operations. Works for a single person business to Fortune 500. Some countries have special pricing, reach out of details.


TransferWise/ Borderless

Dramatically changing international banking. You have to use it to believe it. Reach out for startup discounts.


ERM - Odoo

Not just an ERM, essentially a business fundamentals software which helps you to manage your business holistically.


Process Mgmt - Signavio

One of the best process mapping and mining solution there. Essentially gives you a diagnostics on your business performance.


Hiring - EasyRecrue

Changing the fundamentals of interviewing process through video screening and other testing features for international recruiting.

If you are interested in these products and would like to know more about our experience write to us using the below form. 

We can also advice you the best deals for these products and discounts codes where available.

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