$501 off our $800 Business Leadership Workshop Gift Voucher!

New Year gift with a difference! 

Help a loved one to transform their business and leadership skills by joining a dedicated coaching workshop with a highly respected Fortune 500 executive Coach

You pay only $299 for a Business Leadership Workshop package – covering a 30 mins prep session before the workshop, a dedicated three-hour workshop, and a follow up 30 mins Q&A sessions with a highly regarded business leadership coach. 


Keep Growing, learn from the best

What is included?

  • 1o1 online coaching workshop with our founder and chief coach Sudheer Valappil.
  • 30 mins initial assessment phone call
  • Custom made workshop preparation material applicable to your business
  • 3 hour Online Business Leadership workshop
  • 30 mins follow up call for Q&A, 2-4 weeks after the workshop

What is an Online Business Leadership workshop?

This will be a 3-hour session where the executive coach and the business leader will work together to cover the following:

  • reviewing business fundamentals for areas of weakness or oversight
  • map out the top industry trends that can be leveraged in your market
  • risk assessment on potential disruptors and recommendations
  • action planning, target glide-path and technology consulting

* the workshop and follow-ups will be conducted through Skype, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp or other Internet-based channels.

Why such a big discount?

Great leaders in all fields of life benefit from exceptional coaches and mentors, however we find that many small business leaders do now have access to top level coaching due to varying reasons. Hence Mindful Solutions was formed.

Mindful Solutions is a socially conscious consulting and coaching firm focussed on developing business leadership skills among small and mid-sized business leaders and sharing best practices from highly successful companies.

This year beginning we are offering a ‘Business Leadership’ workshop at a whopping 63% discount to spread the holiday cheer while living up to our vision of

‘ Bridging global wealth gap and digital divide by empowering businesses to be agents of social change’

Why is this important for a business owner?

The future of work has arrived!

And everything has changed: we now work, produce, collaborate and buy differently than before. The quicker business owners are able to grasp this and adapt, the better they will be able to compete and secure future growth.

Have you wondered why some businesses continually struggle for existence while a few others seem to grow exponentially?

On one end we have small and mid-sized businesses – in fact, 99% of all businesses in the world are small and medium size businesses where we find incredibly high failure rates with more than 90% never reaching the million dollar profit threshold! About 60% of new business go bankrupt within the first five years and up to 80% cease to exist beyond the first decade.

On the other end, we have tremendously successful businesses which seem to grow rapidly no matter how hard the business climate is – In fact, four of the top six most valuable companies in the world today were formed in the last 25 years – Amazon (1994), Alphabet (1998), Facebook (2004), Alibaba (1999) with older Apple (1976) and Microsoft (1975) rounding up the chart.

How do the most successful businesses succeed and what do they have in common?

There are five fundamental aspects required for a business to experience continued exponential growth, these are :

  • passion for the vision
  • clear sense of focus
  • a learning mindset
  • agility to quickly transform
  • and an external prompter.

With a strong leader at the helm, the first four fundamentals can be built as a culture within the business, while the prompter is external such as technology trends, market trends, geopolitics, mentors, or cutting-edge research.

At Mindful Solutions, we want to help business leaders to succeed by being the external prompter to help them to scale exponentially. 

We make a difference by helping business leaders to adopt proven best practices from the most successful companies, and by helping to manage the business fundamentals

Workshop gift voucher terms

  • Online workshop requires recipient to have access to internet
  • Detailed terms for the consulting engagement and confidentiality will be shared as a contract before the workshop
  • No payment will be required from the recipient of this gift voucher, unless the recipient requests for additional consulting sessions
  • All refund requests within 7 days of sale are subject to a $29 processing fees plus additional fees charged by Paypal. No refund is offered after 7 days of purchase.
  • Workshop gift vouchers are valid for 180 days starting from the date of sale

How to buy and next steps

  • Choose the number of vouchers required and purchase using the cart below
  • You will receive an invoice for the purchase and gift voucher by email
  • Recipient must contact us by email at during the validity period of the gift voucher
  • Recipient and coach will agree on a time slot for their meetings based on mutual calendar availability
  • Business hours of coaching sessions are from 0800 GMT till 2000 GMT

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Partnering business owners to scale rapidly by holistic management practices and focus on growth.

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Coaching business leaders to expand critical competencies and elevate talent potential within their teams.

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