Whether you’re leading other people or leading your self, the obstacles to achieving your goals are the same - Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Executive Coaching...

For successful leaders who want to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving business ecosystems and lead their industry with unparalleled clarity.

Leading self

Recognizing the current leadership style and commitment towards the desired leadership profile.

Leading others

Leveraging the full potential of the team for maximum impact and energizing them for growth.

leading the industry

Proactively recognizing the fast evolving customer needs and being the early adopter of pioneering trends.

"The previous generation has helped unite a world from the chaos of two world wars!

Now it is for this generation to unlock the promise of human potential by fully leveraging the amazing technologies and opportunities we have access to!"

President Lech Walesa, Nobel Peace Prize 1983

Lech Walesa, Nobel Prize, Inspiration

...focused on your Desired Self

Where you define your Desired Self, 

And we partner in the journey where you become the Leader you desire to be.

Understanding the present

Interviews and assessments to collate your leadership profile covering skills, personal traits and top results to date.

This stage covers interviews with multiple stakeholders to get an unbiased view of the current state of contribution and feedforward.

Defining the Desired Self

Matching the current state with the key leadership skills, behaviors and other traits that are critical to lead, and to succeed in the fast-evolving marketplace.

Identify and prioritize areas to expand on to become the leader you desire to be.

Accelerating to the Desired Self

Building an accelerated plan with proven tools, training, strategies, processes, and habits that resonate.

Daily tracking with a regular report out to stakeholders for transparency and to highlight commitment.

Ongoing active coaching.

Meet Your Coach - Sudheer Kaavil ValappiL

Dr Marshall Goldsmith, 100 Coaches, Executive Coaching

For the last two decades, Sudheer has been leading large modernization initiatives for Fortune 500 companies in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

As the founder of Mindful Solutions, Sudheer is currently focused on helping mid-sized business leaders to become early adopters of pioneering trends in their industry and to lead with clarity.

Being passionate about mentoring top talent, Sudheer has been applying Dr. Marshall Goldsmith's executive coaching approach since 2007. Sudheer was recently initiated into the prestigious 100 Coaches program by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith.

What is 'Desired Self' focused Coaching

The ‘Desired Self’ focused Coaching program aims to develop the glide-path towards your Desired Self, with you and your immediate ecosystem at its core. Your definition of the leader you aspire to be and your commitment towards the same will be the foundation of our coaching relationship.

While the coaching process is custom designed for each client’s unique situation, it is also inspired by Stakeholder Centered Coaching approach championed by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith – the most successful Executive Coach and the foremost Management Thinker in the world. 

How does it work?

To be a successful early adopter of pioneering business trends in their industry, we coach our clients to be exceptional at :

  • proactively understanding the pulse of evolving customer expectations
  • seizing opportunities from emerging technologies to add significant value
  • having the right expectations on the staff members to lead the industry
  • setting a compelling and engaging vision for organizational alignment.

We will do that through a five-stage approach:

  1. deep dive assessment of the current status through personal interviews with stakeholders
  2. defining a Desired Self across all facets of leadership, required to thrive in a rapidly evolving technology-centric business ecosystem
  3. develop an integrated action plan covering stakeholder feedforward and the latest leadership research, to reach the defined goals in the prioritized areas
  4. delivering to the plan over a 9-18 month period with active coaching and regular communication with the stakeholders
  5. personalizing a mindset of growth spiral by the end of the coaching process, so that you are able to coach yourself for continuous growth.

What is the role of the coach and the coached?

The role of the coach here is to share proven tools, strategies, processes, and habits that can help you progress towards your desired self. You will choose the approaches that resonate the most with you and start adopting these in your routines with regular tracking. The coach will be helping you through the journey with course corrections, non-judgemental feedback, accountability checks and cheering for your success.

At the core of this approach is your full buy-in into the process and commitment to make the full journey. Towards this, the first two stages will be completed for free as a groundwork to assess the mutual fit for a longer term coaching partnership.

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